Visual Studio Code and GitHub

Want a quick read on how to connect Visual Studio Code to GitHub on Linux and Windows? Well look no further. 🙂 Now bare with me, some of these steps might seem obvious but this tutorial is written for everyone. ✌️ For Windows Need Visual Studio Code? It’s free, get it here: Go to […]

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How to Get Into Cybersecurity – 2022 Roadmap

How to Get Into Cybersecurity - 2022 Roadmap

This is a question I have been asking myself over the last two months. How do I get into Cybersecurity? It’s a maze of opinions and ideas and I have listened to multiple podcasts, watched countless YouTube videos with some great people giving advice that I have learned from. But … and I don’t mean […]

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Am I too old to start a career in IT?

Why do we think it’s too late to change careers? Do you sometimes think I’m too old? Too old to learn how to skateboard, to paint, to learn another language, or to start a career in IT, etc. I remember being young and everything was possible. Life was an adventure waiting to happen. Where on […]

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